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Giselle Alaniz


From Chile, I moved to Thailand to pursue international studies, and I fell head over heels with the country. ⠀

After spending ten years there, fate intervened, and I landed in The Netherlands. Throughout this journey, I have been blessed to encounter mentors and colleagues who encouraged me to face each challenge with zeal and enthusiasm. While my family and friends ensured that I never lost hope during adversity. ⠀

I center my business relationships on building trust, leveraging interactive community ties, and championing diversity. Adding to this is my creative flair and knack for deciphering data that I utilize to ensure that everything you do aligns with your goals. ⠀

When I am not working, my schedule is divided between fun, sporty activities ( rowing and hiking ), mindful meditation (daily yoga) , and volunteering as collaborator in multiple communities to embrace Empowerment. 

My stay in Thailand and now The Netherlands has shaped my lifestyle choices, making me more attuned with nature, fitness, and health. I also enjoy photography and art , which is why you will find me fiddling with designs on Canva during my free time. That led to an exciting collaboration with other photographers to exhibit our work at The Center of Amsterdam (2019).⠀

These activities are my way of unwinding after a busy week and finding a purpose beyond professional life. I encourage my peers and clients to do the same. That is because striking a perfect work and life balance generates a positive approach in all aspects of our life.

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