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5 Essentials to Have in a To-Don’t List

Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t achieve something despite following the plan to

a T? The simplest example I can think of is getting down 1000 words in two hours, and

struggling to get even a half of that in the next couple. It’s because you shouldn’t just have a

to-do, but also a to-don’t list for pre-existing conditions.

Here’s what I mean from a mental health awareness perspective.

1. Don’t Count Isolated Incidents

Let’s continue from my last example, shall we? When you finish writing 1000 words of

something very fast, it’s easy to assume you’ll get the next 1000 in the same time. As

someone who’s experienced this, I can tell you with full confidence that it’s a trap.

Always keep your expectations low for the next milestone because you’ve already expended

energy on the current one, and are bound to be more tired than when you started.

2. Don’t Be A “Yes” Person

I’ve had years of practice saying “no”, and I still struggle with that answer. It’s normal to err

on the affirmative side whenever someone asks you a favor, but not so normal to go out of

your way to please them.

Everyone has a to-do list, but it’s just as important to not do certain things. Here’s what to

have in a to-don’t list.

Too much of that, and they’ll think it’s okay to push you around. Learning to put your foot

down once in a while is learning to love yourself.

3. Don’t Fixate on Past Regrets

Making choices in life that you’ll later go on to regret is what makes us human. No one is

born with a user manual on how to live flawlessly, which is why it’s all the more important

to get right back up, dust off any reminders of your mistake, and forge on ahead. Leave the

past in the past.

4. Don’t Be Ruled by Social Media

It’s important to overcome depression in a world where you cannot do without at least one social media handle. It’s truly amazing how you can be surrounded by people—albeit virtually—and yet feel happier during your alone times.

Unshackle yourself from the vices of your devices, and you’ll find the world to be a much better place.

5. Don’t Do Life in Half-Measures

You might be too young for an existential crisis, but it will hit you at some point. You’ll look back on life and wonder what stopped you from making the most of it. The only way you won’t is if you live it to the fullest starting now.

It’s like a doctor telling you if you don’t fight obesity now, it’ll kill you later. Don’t live like it’s your last day because there’s going to be a tomorrow, and a day after that, and so on.

If you want to learn more about how I was able to overcome depression and obesity to get to where I am today, check out a detailed account of it in my book, or read about it in my motivational blogs.

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