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Celebrating Our Differences

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate with my colleagues at the WorkPlace Pride Gala, an event that recognizes and celebrates the achievements of LGBTQI+ people and organizations. One of the highlights of the gala was this incredible video that showcases some unique stories from Shell fuel stations across Vadodara, India. The video was produced by Fotoley, a platform that connects talented filmmakers with brands and causes. I was very inspired by the video and the stories it told. It reminded me of the importance of being proud of who we are and supporting each other in our journeys.

After the great evening I I thought: What makes us human? the answer can be very extensive but in my own opinion: It is not only our physical traits, but also our inner qualities and experiences that define us as individuals. Each of us has a unique personality, perspective, and passion that enriches the world with diversity and beauty.

I want to take the opportunity to share with you the aspects of our uniqueness and how we can celebrate and appreciate them.

  • Our hobbies and preferences: We all have different things that we enjoy doing or learning about. Some of us love painting, others play music, and others read books. These hobbies reflect our interests and talents, and they also help us connect with others who share them. By pursuing our hobbies, we express ourselves and discover new possibilities.

  • Our emotions and interpretations: We all feel and perceive things differently. Our emotions are influenced by our personality, mood, and environment. They can range from joy and excitement to anger and sadness. Our interpretations are shaped by our culture, education, and beliefs. They can vary from optimistic and realistic to pessimistic and idealistic. By acknowledging our emotions and interpretations, we understand ourselves and others better.

  • Our opportunities and choices: We all have different opportunities and choices in life. Some of us are born with privileges, others face challenges. Some of us take risks, others play safe. These opportunities and choices reflect our values and goals, and they also affect our growth and development. By embracing our opportunities and choices, we empower ourselves and achieve our potential.

  • Our challenges and solutions: We all face challenges in life. Some of them are common to humanity, others are specific to us. Some of them are easy to overcome, others are hard to solve. These challenges test our resilience and creativity, and they also inspire us to find solutions. By approaching our challenges and solutions, we differentiate ourselves and overcome adversity.

  • Our pride and diversity: We all have different identities and orientations that make us who we are. Some of us are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersex. Some of us are allies and supporters. These identities and orientations reflect our diversity and pride, and they also help us foster inclusion and acceptance. By celebrating our pride and diversity, we honor ourselves and others for our authenticity and courage.

As you can see, our uniqueness is not a flaw, but a gift. It is what makes us human and remarkable. It is what allows us to contribute to society and make a difference. It is what enables us to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

So, let’s embrace our unique humanity and celebrate our differences. Let’s appreciate ourselves and others for who we are and what we do. Let’s reach for the stars and shine brightly.

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