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How Having a Great Leader Makes The Difference

Leadership is a quality that not many people have. It takes a special person to lead, and it's even harder for someone who doesn't have the confidence in themselves. This blog will

explore what qualities need to come together for leadership to succeed.

Leaders Shape Organizations

Leadership can be defined as the process of influencing people so that they will accomplish

a goal.

Leaders are vital to organizations because they are responsible for setting goals, making

decisions based on what is best for the organization, and fostering an environment where

employees feel valued.

Leaders shape organizational environments and their actions impact factors such as culture,

profitability, employee engagement, and innovation.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders can lead a team in a way that inspires and motivates them. They

also know how to empower their employees while still holding them accountable for the work they produce.

Transformational leaders push themselves and their teams outside of their comfort zones,

which often leads to more innovation than what would come from staying within one's

comfort zone with traditional leadership methods.

Distributive Leadership

Distributive leadership is a style of management that managers can use to achieve group

goals. It focuses on identifying and empowering individual members to lead themselves and

their peers to pursue organizational objectives.

The style encourages self-direction, group decision-making, and empowerment. These three

aspects are necessary for the success of distributive leadership because they allow leaders

to distribute tasks evenly among employees while also maintaining control over activities

within an organization or team.

Final Word

In my current organization, I have found my current leadership to be the most important

motivating factor. A leader's success is often linked to their ability to balance ego and

humility as well as how they manage conflict with their subordinates, allowing employees like

me to perform better in my role.

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