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How to Take Copycats in Stride

Relationships, where one tries to imitate the other can grow real toxic real fast, especially if it ends up harming or violating the rights of the person being imitated. Wouldn’t it ruin your day if someone started following your style and passing it off as their own? Fortunately, there are more than a few ways of dealing with such people.

Here’s a life experience lesson on copycats.

Make Sure It’s Not Shared Imitation

There’s a difference between having something in common with someone and going out of your way to force a commonality. If you and a friend of yours go clothes shopping together, you’ll naturally trade feedback before buying anything. Therefore, it’s only fair for them to share your taste in clothes—it’s normal and 100% healthy.

Here’s how to make sure it’s, in fact, in healthy territory. Stop following your preferred dress-up routine for a few days, and see if they follow suit. If they don’t, good. If they do, then y’all are in for a chat.

Be the Bigger Person

If you’re sure it’s a case of the copycat, you need to be careful and calculated in your next step. No matter how much it creeps you out that your friend is low-key committing identity theft, you should try to wait it out for the sake of your friendship. Odds are, they’ll soon find someone else to imitate or turn over a new leaf by being their own person.

If they don’t, you should decide whether it’s interrupting your personal development. If the answer’s yes, tell them, in no uncertain terms, to stop. If no, be flattered and keep living your best life because the grief’s not worth it.

Lose Them

I only recommend dropping someone as a last resort, to be taken only after you’ve exhausted the option of talking them out of imitating your ways.

If your friend has a universally disliked trait, you should tell them about it—who knows; they might be doing it unconsciously.

Although, if they’re pulling stuff like sharing entire posts you write or comments you make on your socials without once giving you proper credit, they know what they’re doing just as well as you know your next course of action.

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When someone “admires” you enough to draw inspiration from you without your consent, it could have the opposite effect on you. Self-love can be difficult when you’re too jaded by the world around you, and negative people—even just one—tend to occupy your thoughts to the point where they’re all you think about.

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Dear lovely souls, thank you for being in my life ⭐️

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