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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

I want to use this platform to talk about an important issue that most people don’t even consider to be a problem.

I have noticed that whenever a single male or female takes up a professional role, a lot of people imply that the only reason that they are able to pursue their goals and aims is because they have a lot time on their hands. Females tend to experience this more than males as they are told that they have the option of pursuing their career passionately because they don’t have a family to look after.

Even with it being the 21st century, it baffles me as to how easy it is for people to make assumptions and excuses. Even though many of us don’t have a significant other or children to look after, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have other things on our plate. For instance, I like utilizing my free time to learn a lot new things, to engage in different hobbies, such as playing sports or having a social life (while practicing social distancing, of course!).

There’s no denying that there are many single or committed parents out there taking care of their children and families who have put in some extra effort. However, I believe that you can’t use this as an excuse to slack off at your goals and criticize others who don’t have the same responsibility.

So, while there may be a lot of successful mothers and fathers out there who try to successfully manage both, their family and work, it isn’t appropriate for them to judge those who have made the decision to not have children.

Also, even though I don’t really take myself to be a feminist, I do very much so believe in Diversity and Inclusion and accepting everyone, pet lovers, parents, young professionals, and the LGBTQI community.

I believe that it’s time that we start balancing the scales by treating everyone equally.

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